Friday, September 05, 2008

Bobba Fett

These are the steps I took to finish this piece. I first did the rough and worked on the flow once I was cool with the idea I used the bluepencil to work on the details. I always use the bluepencil I guess so long attending the animation academy thats all I got used to working with I did use colored pencils on the rough to seperate the armour,cape,and jet pack.It just made it easier to break it down.My third step was to clean it up with my lightbox and black marker. Then I made extra copies which I always do just incase I mess up I didnt mess up my only copy and thats when I began to work on my color scheme and figure out which color is going to be the light ,middle, and darker tone. Once I get my colors down and know which one is going were. I go to town and work on the final stage. I hope you Bobba Fett fans like this one it took me a while. Again its all done in markers and the background on a graphite pencil.